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Why Mercantile?

At Mercantile, we lead the pack, specializing in property development asset portfolios, allowing any investor to unlock returns through national large scale property development projects.

About Us

Mercantile Fund Management is an Australian Public Company established to offer retail and sophisticated investors access to the returns associated with large scale property development through secured debt financing arrangements or direct equity investments.

The company aims to deliver shareholders returns higher than other asset classes could provide.

Long Term Average Returns

  • Term Deposits 1% 1%
  • Industry Superfund 6.2% 6.2%
  • Mercantile Fund Management 12% 12%

Source: RBASuperGuide
*Target returns are not a guarantee – actual returns may differ.


Maximum Targeted Returns*

Mercantile aims to invest in projects that target to deliver total returns to investors at a rate of 8% up to 12% per annum.

*Target returns are not a guarantee – actual returns may differ.

Value of Completed Projects

The directors of Mercantile have delivered completed property development projects totalling more than $600M.

Years of Experience

The directors of Mercantile have more than 60 years combined experience in funds management and property development.

Properties Completed

The directors of Mercantile have funded, managed, and delivered more than 800 completed dwellings.

Why Use A Managed Fund?

Managed funds provide a cost-effective way for large and small investors to access a diversified mix of professionally managed investments. Investing in a managed fund allows you to diversify your investment portfolio for a relatively small initial outlay. When you invest in a managed fund, you are buying units in that fund.

Our Process

Mercantile Fund Management invests in residential property developments that meet strict criteria and undergo a thorough 7 step approval process.

All investments must receive Investment Committee and Director Approval.


Opportunity Identified

Mercantile Fund Management’s network of property professionals presents development projects for funding regularly.


Internal Appraisal

An assessment and preliminary feasibility study conducted by the Investment Committee.


External Appraisal

Independent consultant and qualified valuers engage in evaluating the project viability.


Due Diligence

In-depth research and assessment are conducted on all project-related matters to identify and mitigate any likely risks.


Committee Assessment

The Investment Committee evaluate the due diligence reports and decides if there is enough information to determine whether a project is suitable for the fund.



The Investment Committee will recommend The Board of Mercantile Fund Management whether a project is a suitable investment and, if so, on what valuation and terms.


Board Approval

The Board of Mercantile Fund Management will review the Investment Committee recommendation and decide if the approval fits within the company’s ability to invest.

Project Returns

Mercantile Directors and Networks have a pipeline of projects for raised capital to invest. The table below outlines the performance of projects completed by the Mercantile Fund Management team, current projects with Mercantile Fund Management investment, and future projects the fund is planning for investment.

Project Location Profile Return Status
Shoal Point Mackay QLD Land Subdivision 17% per annum* 10% Complete
Mt Atkinson Melbourne VIC Land Subdivision 22% per annum* Under Due Diligence
The Carlile Armadale VIC Luxury Apartments 17% per annum* Started
Retirement Resort Gold Coast QLD Retirement Living 22% per annum* Under Due Diligence
Hawthorn Apartments Hawthorn VIC Luxury Apartments 20% per annum* Started
Onyx Murarrie QLD Townhouses 23% per annum Completed

*Investor Returns quoted are forecasts on all available information at the time of publication; they are not a guarantee, actual financial results may differ.

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